Dark Wood Vase Diffuser
Dark Wood Vase Diffuser

Dark Wood Vase Diffuser

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  • 200ml capacity
  • 4h 20min evaporation from a full tank
  • evaporation speed 45ml/h
  • suitable for up to 40m2
  • continuous and intermittent evaporation
  • 60/120/180min timer
  • mist and timer buttons
  • 120x190mm
  • 230g
  • 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • polypropylene
  • BPA free
  • ultrasonic diffusion at 2.4MHz
The "Mist" button selects between continuous evaporation or 15sec intervals of evaporation and standby. The "Timer" function can be used with either continuous or intermittent evaporation and its duration is between 60 and 180 minutes. The diffuser shuts down automatically when water in the container is too low.