Aroma Nebulizer “Cypress”
Aroma Nebulizer “Cypress”

Aroma Nebulizer “Cypress”

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  • made out of glass and natural wood
  • BPA free
  • 30ml capacity
  • suitable for up to 30m2
  • smooth evaporation adjustment
  • RGB LED lights
  • 90x90x192mm
  • 290g
  • powered by included wall adapter or USB

Rotating the knob to the right turns on the evaporation and lights. Rotating clockwise increases evaporation and counterclockwise decreases it. Turning all the way to the left turns off the nebulizer. At all levels of intensity, the device evaporates at intervals - 5 minutes evaporating, 3 minutes standby. The nebulizer switches off automatically after 3 hours.