Aroma Nebulizer “Pine”
Aroma Nebulizer “Pine”

Aroma Nebulizer “Pine”

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  • made out of glass and natural wood
  • BPA free
  • 60ml capacity
  • suitable for up to 30m2
  • 3 levels of mist output
  • 2 intensities of decorative lights
  • 115x115x165mm
  • 390g
  • powered by included wall adapter or USB

By pressing the left button, you choose between three intensities of evaporation, indicated by a colour light: blue - medium evaporation with a duration of 2 hours; red - strong evaporation with a duration of 2 hours; green - low evaporation with a duration of 4 hours. At all levels of intensity, the device evaporates at intervals - 2 minutes evaporating, 3 minutes standby. By pressing the right button, you choose between two levels of decorative lights – brighter and dimmer.