Hinoki 5ml

Hinoki 5ml

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Botanical Name:  Chamaecyparis Obtusa
Origin:  Japan
Family:  Cupressaceae
Plant Part:  Wood
Extraction:  Steam Distillation
Note:  Top

Strenght of initial Aroma: Medium
Colour:  Pale Yellow
Consistency:  Thin
Scent:  Hinoki Essential Oil smells woody and sweet. The aroma varies between the wood, root and needle (leaf) oils.
Blends With:  Camphoraceous, citrus, floral, herby, minty, spicy and woodsy oils.
Group:  Citrus

Hinoki's antispasmodic properties can be effective against leg cramps, and muscle pulls. The antispasmodic agent can help clear up congestion, eliminate phlegm build-up, and treat asthma.

Emotionally and energetically Hinoki Essential Oil is uplifting, cleansing, comforting and opens the mind for new perspectives.

Hinoki Essential Oil Uses

  • Possible Neuroprotective Affects Against AB1-40
  • Anti-asthmatic
  • Antibiotic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anxiety
  • Hair Growth
  • Immune Stimulant
  • Insecticidal