Wintergreen 10ml

Wintergreen 10ml

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Botanical Name:  Gaultheria Procumbens
Origin:  China
Family:  Ericaceae
Plant Part:  Leaves
Extraction:  Steam Distillation
Note:  Top-Middle

Stendth of Initial Aroma: Strong
Colour:  Pale Yellow
Consistency:  Thin
Scent:  Wintergreen has a strong mint candy flavour. It possesses a birch-like aroma.
Blends With Camphoraceous, citrus, and woodsy oils.
Group Camphoraceous

Wintergreen Essential Oil Uses

  • Inflammation
  • Pain Management
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Wintergreen is normally used as a freshening agent in cleaning products. With its warming sensation, it is also a popular ingredient in creams to relieve muscle soreness and also increase blood circulation in joints.

Wintergreen Essential Oil is typically comprised of at least 96% methyl salicylate, an ester that can be toxic when not used with great care.

Wintergreen Essential Oil is praised for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. However, it must be used sparingly and with immense caution. 

Tisserand and Young warn that Wintergreen Essential Oil poses a hazard for toxicity, drug interaction, it can inhibit blood clotting, and high doses are teratogenic (harmful to fetuses and embryos). Avoid use of Wintergreen with children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding and by those taking anticoagulant medication. They recommend a dermal maximum of 2.4% and advise to use with caution with skin that is sensitive or damaged.